Welcome to aioodbc’s documentation!

aioodbc is Python 3.5+ module that makes possible accessing ODBC_ databases with asyncio. It is rely on awesome pyodbc library, preserve same look and feel. aioodbc was written async/await syntax (PEP492) thus not compatible with Python older then 3.5. Internally aioodbc employ threads to avoid blocking the event loop, btw threads are not that bad as you think :)


  • Implements asyncio DBAPI like interface for ODBC. It includes aioodbc-connection, aioodbc-cursor and aioodbc-pool objects.
  • Support connection pooling.

Source code

The project is hosted on GitHub

Please feel free to file an issue on bug tracker if you have found a bug or have some suggestion for library improvement.

The library uses Travis for Continious Integration and Coveralls for coverage reports.


Authors and License

The aioodbc package is written by Nikolay Novik and aio-libs contributors. It’s MIT licensed.

Feel free to improve this package and send a pull request to GitHub.

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